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2 years ago

My life

Hello, my name is Robert.The son of my father,son to the old tales,of my ancestors,my great great greatest grandfathers......I come from africa,the dark continent,the beautiful land of my fathers.So lively,so warm, so birth,the slopes of Mt.Kenya,second tallest mountain.So magestic, so beautiful,i can still see the three picks covered with snow....lessened day by day. My grandmother ,by the fire,told me tales....i bet todays movies can never match the thrill,the desired i had for these tales.I shall come back to them some was great,5 brothers,my life was a cacoon.Easy going,loving parents,best considered confort one could ask........All thought,the basics of life,were at my fingertips.positivity was the norm...until eventually through education,exposer,knowledge i opened up to a new world...To be continued.......